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We are thrilled to announce the Yarn Boutique YouTube Channel!
What is the
Boutique YouTube Channel you ask?
It is another way to communicate valuable
Boutique information to our valued customers.
These will be short videos that show a technique or how to correct a common problem.
Other videos will highlight finished projects made with yarn and patterns we sell.
And still other videos will feature our 3 designers: Tina, Lana and Nancy.
They will explain their latest designs.

Please click on the following link and and Subscribe to our new channel. This way you will be notified when we post new videos.

Yarn Boutique YouTube Channel

 Here are our latest Training videos designed to get you out of a jam.


"Make one left and make one right"

Dropped Stitch

Repairing a Dropped Garter Stitch


We are excited about this new social media addition to Yarn Boutique.
If you have suggestions on future videos, please contact Brett at




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